Specialti dishes

Mussels with blue cheese sauce
299 грн.

450 gr

Ribs in Stargorod style
399 грн.

1300 gr

Crispz pork knee
519 грн.

The Andex monastery is known as a beer monastery, where from 1455 monks served their knee to their unique barley beer. The knee is prepared according to the ancient German recipe, which is known only to the monks of the Andeks monastery and the brand-chief of the Stargorod restaurant
1 pc

Special duck (Czech duck)
399 грн.

half of home duck, baked until crisp.It is served with cabbase and knedliky
1 pc

Special duck with apples
399 грн.

half of a home duck, baked until crisp. It is servd with baked apples and sauce
1 pc

Stargorod`s ribs
459 грн.

pork ribs, pickled in herb, baked until crips. They are served with baked potatoes under salted butter
900 gr