Restaurant Brewery

We brew authentic Czech Beer!

Traditionally, the entire process of maturation and storage of beer takes place in the basement at 2 ± 1 ° C.

Real Czech Beer lives only 20 minutes after being taken out of the basement! Temperature of the room, air and light….. and after 20 minutes you will feel the change in the taste of beer. (Beer dies).

We do not pasteurize beer.

We do not filter beer.

We do not add preservatives to beer - we do not use mass production technologies!

We are the successors of eternal European brewing traditions!

Beer in the Czech brewery «Stargorod» - brewed on the equipment of the best European producers.

And the control over the brewing of Stargorod beer is carried out by the Prague Brewing Institute and its representatives in our brewery; this is a Czech brewer - Frantisek Shvets.

Now in "Stargorod" Frantisek represents (Prague, Czech Republic), which developed and implemented the technology of production of Czech Stargorod beer using classical technology. Stargorod Czech Brewery has not changed its supplier since the opening of the brewery.

Every day in Stargorod are held excursions to the brewery. It will be interesting to those who would like to see the brewery completely, not just the brewery order located in the restaurant hall. Guests can learn more about the present Stargorod beer, its differences from the beer of the mass producer, the benefits of authentic Czech beer, the technology of production of beer in Stargorod and the raw materials used.