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Перша НовоРічна вечірка 01.01. 2023р.
  •  2676

За що люблять Старогород? Якщо стисло - найкраще...

Новорічний Двіж 23 грудня 2022 р.
  •  2281

Нарешті Старгород радий зустрічати любих Гостей. ...

Пісенний заспів 19.02.2022
  •  5817

Зняти втому після важкого тижня можна тільки у нас...

Stargorod is the unique Czech brewery with a restaurant in the city of Lviv. Only we brew authentic Czech beer by classic technology on the best European equipment.

«Stargorod» has been brewing 4 classical sorts of beer: «Desiatka», «Lager», «Black beer» and a special one «Wheat beer». All varieties of beer are brewed exclusively from Czech ingredients using malt and Czech yeast. We do not change our traditions and suppliers of raw materials from the Czech Republic throughout the existence of the chain

Only in «Stargorod» beer is brewed by classical technology with separate fermentation and after-fermentation. We do not filter, do not pasteurize beer. We do not use intermediate packaging, our beer comes directly from the brewery to the bar in your glasses.

We are the successors of ancient traditions of brewing.